Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Shillket, Anonymous Web Browsing Redefined

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: For the first time today, it can officially be confirmed by The Cloak that Romulan Cloaking technology has finally hit the living room for general mainstream domestic use. 

As the exclusive photo below clearly illustrates, what was once thought to be technology of the 23rd century, can now be found in the Wolverhampton living room belonging to its inventor, Oliver/BigShill80.

Explaining how the cloak works, Biggy said "When simply drawing the blanket over myself and the laptop, I can then navigate to HFS and view their nasty comments without them even knowing."

The only downside to using this technology appears to be when after use, a rift in the space/time continuum means that Biggy goes ahead and posts on Audio Talk or Fart of Sound with thinly veiled comment on the posts he's not supposed to have read. It has also led to quick edits of posts so as to avoid further embarrassment. 

However, once this major design flaw has been ironed out, Biggy says "I'm confident that my patented Shillket cloaking blanket will become the browsing blanket of choice, especially if Fireybum says so."